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There, there don't be scared... I know it looks mean but it won't bite you...
It's the bad & gnarly Alpha Power, Alpha 89 HF amplifier. It also doubles as a shack warmer, a bird fryer and a handy male pattern baldness accelerator...


:Grounded Grid

Frequency coverage:
Ham bands 160 through 10 meters

RF power output:
1500+ Watts PEP or carrier, any mode, no time limit

Drive Power
:50-60 W nominal for full rated output.

Input VSWR:
< 1.5:1 within amateur bands, < 2:1 outside.

More than 50 dB below PEP output.

More than 40 dB below PEP output.

Automatic trips for excessive drive, load mismatch, average grid or plate current; also for RF arc, severe mistuning, or improper T/R sequencing. Peak grid limiting, primary fuses, cover interlock & HV crowbar. AC inrush-current limiting (Step-start).

Tube complement:
2 X Eimac 3CX800A7 triode

Full-cabinet forced air; blower mounted on foam "sandwich" to absorb noise and vibration. Thermostatic fan option for continuous duty at maximum average power.

Grid current derived, O to -1OV maximum.
Power requirements:
AC 200-240V, 50-60 Hz, 1 phase, 20A maximum.

17.3" W x 7" H x 16.5" D (439 x 178 x 419 mm)

65 lbs

Alpha 89 User's Manual (2.1Mb)

Alpha 89 Amplifier