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The Double Bazooka 75m Antenna

Hello there! Here's a simple to make antenna I'm now using on 80 meters with great results. Thanks to KP4DDS - Tony, for his guidance.


1. Cut a 100 foot length of RG8X (mini8) coax. This is a good coax that can handle 1,000 watts easily.

2. Cut 2, 10 feet length of #10 copper wire (D). I used house electrical wire that comes with insulation so I don't need the typical ceramic insulators at the ends

3. Find the exact center of the coax and cut through the coax jacket and shield only. Do NOT cut the center insulator or conductor (see A for detail)

4. Cut two inches of coax jacket on each side. Be sure not to cut the shield. You'll end up with a 4 inch gap in the center of the coax with 2 inches of shield on each side. (A)

5. Take the coax feedline and solder it's center conductor to one side of the 2 inch shield and the feedline shield to the other side of the antenna shield. You can also use a dipole feed point like the one below:

6. On each end of the antenna coax, solder the center conductor to the shield. Alternatively, you can use additional coax cable as shown in the first diagram above (B).

7. To each of those ends, solder the 10 foot copper wire. The copper wire is then attached to a ceramic insulator or simply to nylon rope. Make sure you maintain the correct length of the copper wire from the solder point to the insulator or rope. You can wrap the wire unto itself to make length corrections.

8. Protect the solder points at each end of the coax with silicon or some weather proof material. I applied silicon to mine and a few days later after it cured, I wrapped some UV rated electrical tape over it.

9. The center connector or solder should also be weatherproofed. In my case, I used a PBC "T" and two 45 degrees "elbows" I got a my local hardware store. Run the antenna through the "T" first and then install the "elbows" on each side.

10. Done! I get 1:1 match on most of the 75 meter band and it's cheap enough to just try out.
Bazooka feedpoint
Coax feed & hanger device. The yellow nylon rope is used to add strength to the connection. The two tie wraps are used to keep the rope from slipping inward.

Coax feed point inside PVC pipe

Double Bazooka