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NOTE: this model of Rotor Control DXA with an RS232 interface is no longer available. Please see here for the new USB version

K4JRG's Rotor Control DXA
This is K4JRG's
Rotor Control DXA.
A computer interface for the Yaesu DXA rotators

Rotor Control is our project to interface the Yaesu DXA series rotors to a PC serial port. The device employs a subset of the standard Yaesu GS-232 protocol so it can be used with off-the-shelf logging and rotor control software.

There's also a menu driven interface that can control the rotor by using a simple terminal emulator like Hyperterminal, included with Windows versions.

This product is proudly made in USA.

The philosophy behind a yet-another-rotor-control is to make an affordable and easy to use package.

The price was set based on material and assembly time costs, shipping/handling plus a very small profit as an incentive to produce it. The R&D investment and the many hours of software development is our donation to the Amateur Radio community.

The entire package, including worldwide shipping and handling is $75.

We have a very limited stock of these hand-built devices. The order link below will be removed if stock is depleted. Please download the user's manual - which is only available online - before you place the order. Thanks!

Quantity in stock:
These are the last few units in stock for this model. Once these are sold out, a new model will replace it along with a slightly higher price. 73!


  • 360 fully automatic, software driven rotor azimuth control

  • Easy, menu driven calibration - all done in firmware

  • Full 'plug and play' without opening your rotor control box or PC

  • Manual rotor controls will operate concurrently

  • User selected 'Start Delay' to reduce mechanical stress

  • Auto ramp up/down speeds for smooth start/stop movements

  • User selected maximum rotational speed

  • Compatible with most rotor control software that support Yaesu rotors

  • Menu driven operation using standard terminal program

  • Self-contained, microcontroller based

  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection

  • Firmware is field upgradable via simple flash process

  • 1 movement accuracy if your rotator supports it (most do)

  • Includes 5' DB9 cable, 5' DIN5 cable for a total 10' between the rotor controller and your PC.

  • Optional wall transformer or use your shack's 12v supply.
    The user's manual is available online.

    73 de K4JRG
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    Rotor Control DXA